Sunday, January 2, 2011

So the family went to Babe's in Roanoke tonight to celebrate my sister's and my birthday (her's was yesterday the 1st and mine is Tues. the 4th) and made total pigs of ourselves (so what's NEW?!!).  If you've never been and you live anywhere NEAR the DFW metroplex, you MUST go.  Fried chicken (or chicken-fried steak if you must) to DIE for!!  If you don't live here but ever come for a visit, seek out a Babe's as there are several around and treat yourself.  Trust me, you WON'T be sorry!!

But an odd thing they do to birthday folks is make em wear these scary chicken hats!  First off, I don't know where these hats have been--LOL!!  But I was a good sport and put it on and flapped my arms like a chicken (per instructions) as they sang Happy Birthday, Babe's style!  Fortunately, I didn't get the camera out til AFTER I'd removed the hat.  I DID get pix of a few others in our party wearing the hats..HAHA!



DGD said she was makin' like a chicken (though I'm not sure how she'd know how a chicken goes!), doofy #1, then doofy #2 with #1 son and finally the doofies mom (who I think was flapping her wings?!!).  The two doofies got up with the waitress and danced the hokey pokey but I couldn't get a good shot of em from where I was sitting.  Trust me, it was CUTE!

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