Tuesday, January 18, 2011




We had our guild meeting tonight and had beautiful show & tell.  The first is Shawn's and it's made with swap blocks ala Lynn Roddy Brown--she spoke at our guild awhile back and a bee formed after her visit strictly to do block swaps.  Then there's Patty's BEAUTY that she's worked on quite a while and finally got er done.  Nice JOB, Patty!  Traci Richter did the wonderful bear paw and a lovely quilt (with a GREAT story but too long for here) that Kathy Jurich made her hubby for Christmas (with a little help from her friends!!).  Darlene made a patriotic sampler from blocks made in a bee exchange and Michelle made the beauty from a friend's grandma's dusters and bathrobes which will be a gift for the friend's mom.  Very colorful!!

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JoAnne said...

They are bea-u-tiful! Guess I missed a great show & tell.