Friday, February 25, 2011

Today was a GREAT day!  My friend, JoAnne, and I spent the day with our bud Sheri who's been battling multiple myeloma.  She's been through a stem cell transplant and is in the process of getting back to her 'old' self!  She's still got immunity issues so doesn't get out in crowds and such.  So instead WE went to HER!!  Just sitting stitching and chatting was so nice as much for us (if not more so) as for her.  She has the most beautiful backyard and she has FINCHES!!  I'm so JEALOUS!  Finches don't visit my house even though I've tried.




THEN our buddy JoAnne had show and tell!  She's been BUSY!!  She's finishing up the binding on the LQS' BOM (love the batiks & black), binding a little mini  and had a completed clam shell mini (look how TINY) and finally a Kim Diehl design.  WUNDERBAR!!  I finished up one little crocheted baby cap for the county hospital and Sheri did a DJ block (I did NOT get a picture of that...POOH!). It was a VERY good day.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My 'Tree Farm' is FINISHED!!  I LOVE it!!  Don't think I woulda tackled it all by myself but so glad it was a class on the cruise.  Now I want to do her smaller version with the applique around the border.

Monday, February 21, 2011



Today was Quiltsitters so lots of show & tell--Brenda is the big show-off this month! LOL  Just last month, we started a monthly club called "Roaring thru the 20's" using the book of the same name.  We were supposed to make two blocks for our assignment.  Obviously Brenda did WAY more than the assignment as she finished her entire red & white quilt!  Not sure what she'll be doing the rest of the year..maybe a finished top each month?!!  Then Leslie showed her top using a BOM from a different shop.  The next was made using the kaleidoscope ruler and LOVE the two color combo she used.  Carolyn was signed up for the class but it got cancelled due to the ice storm.  She couldn't wait so went ahead and did it on her own (using the tri-recs ruler).  A different Leslie figured out the 'mystery' we were doing and put it together her way.  So pretty.  Last but not least, Val finished her cute little 'winter' quilt with the snowmen and trees and cabins done in flannel.  LOVE IT!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Last week during our guild meeting with Bonnie, we were all set to draw the name of our raffle quilt winner.  Since Bonnie was our honored speaker and we were SO happy she came, she was asked to draw the winner.  We had a HUGE plastic tub full of ticket stubs and Bonnie mixed and turned to make sure each and every ticket had the same opportunity to be fished out!  She reached in, grabbed a ticket and checked to see if she might possibly recognize the name.  She got the most shocked look on her face and gasped, "OH MY GOSH", re-read it, shouted "OH MY GOSH" again and handed it off to our raffle ticket chairlady.  She read the winning name  --  CHARNA GRAY!! WOW, not only a member of our guild but our VP in charge of programs and the woman who had JUST taken Bonnie out to dinner!!  What are the odds?!!  And she was even dressed to match the quilt she'd just won.

Now, on to the next raffle quilt.  LOL

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here are a few photos from our workshop today with Bonnie.  We had so much fun and I'm looking forward to working on this project (AFTER I finish my tree quilt--it just needs assembly!!).  Bonnie'll have another lecture tomorrow night in Denton, after a daytime workshop with TVQG, then a lecture Friday morning with TVQG and a workshop on Sat. with Denton.  WOW, she's gonna be BUSY!!  But then I think she pretty much always is.  LOL



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh my GOSH!!  Bonnie Hunter's HERE!  She does the most AWESOME guild presentation and I'm REALLY looking forward to her workshop tomorrow.  I couldn't believe it when she walked in with one of those duffel bags FULL of quilts slung over her shoulder!!  LOL  I just carried in a couple of the boxes of her books and those were heavy.  Can't imagine slinging the duffel bag over the ole shoulder. 




A lot of her quilts are ones that we've seen everywhere..on her blog, on Flickr, in her books--lots of places.  So I just put a few up.  Pretty sure the last two are from her newest book (which, by the way, I plan on buying tomorrow at the workshop!!).  Will take pix tomorrow and share the fun we had.

Lissa Alexander from Moda showed up (remember she was with us on the quilting cruise) and that was another fun surprise.  Poor thing, she was visiting US and wound up working as one of the quilt holders for Bonnie's presentation.  We are SO BAD!!  HI LISSA, thanks for coming to visit..we'll be better hostesses next time!!
This is my 11th block in the LQS' first Friday BOM (I picked it up late this month due to the cruise).  She had the 2 colorways all put together in a top and I LOVED the setting for these brights.  Can't wait for the final block so I can put it all together.  Then, along with the neutral that I'm still working on, I'll have at least 3 of these BOM tops together.  YAY!

AND---wait for it---I'm working on my final tree block.  HALLELUJAH!  BUT Bonnie's coming tonight and tomorrow will be the workshop so that takes precedence at the moment.  I'm really looking forward to hearing her tonight and working in the workshop with her tomorrow.  Will have pix later of tonight and tomorrow.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day and your sweetie brings you flowers, chocolates, candy hearts, JEWELRY or whatever else your little heart desires! LOL

I'm STILL prepping for Bonnie's workshop on Wed. as well as working on my tree blocks--time is RACING by!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm so excited!!  Bonnie Hunter's comin' next week--YIPPEE!!  She'll speak at our guild on Tues. evening and then do a workshop on Wed.  We're doing Cathedral Stars so I've been cutting my strips as instructed.  Lissa Alexander from Moda (who was on our cruise with us) said she was coming to our guild to see Bonnie.  Double yippee!!

This is the picture stolen borrowed from Bonnie's site.  Not sure how big mine'll wind up as I have not had very good success with the tri-recs & easy angle rulers in the past.  We'll see if Bonnie's tips for success work with me this time around.

I'm the show & tell gal for the guild so I'd asked anyone who'd done any of Bonnie's quilts to bring them.   I think I've dragged 4 or 5 out but haven't located one and need to borrow another from my sister (that I gave to her a couple of years ago).

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Woo-wee, since getting home from our trip (and AFTER doing laundry and putting some things away), I've been workin' like crazy on Edyta's 'Tree Farm' quilt.  This is what I've managed to accomplish the past couple of days. 

There is a TON of sewing in this quilt!!  I noticed a couple of boo boo's after taking this picture so will have to do a little reverse sewing (DARN IT!).  There are 18 total trees in the quilt so I'm a third of the way there (approximately).  She has another kinda like this one with not as many trees and applique around the outside edge which I'd like to do, too.  We'll see...

Sunday, February 6, 2011



We drove down to Key West today and did a little geocaching while down there (I know a lot of you have no clue what that is--you can google it.  It's FUN!).  The weather is SO GORGEOUS!  There are wild chickens running around all over Key West..did you know that?  I've been before but didn't know it.  And of course, pelicans! 

A mile marker showing how far it is from Key West to a TON of different places and Frank's big catch (HAHA, yeah right!).  Sorry to have nothing about quilting but I don't have a machine and would just rather leave everything neatly packed away til we get back home.  Then I'll be a sewing MACHINE!!  Later gators.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

We got off the boat this morning around 9:15 and went to the airport to get our rental car.  Headed south and hit some heavy traffic.  I'm thinking because it's winter (and there's a TON of northerners down here) AND it's Sat.  We had to do laundry BAD so stopped in Marathon, got a hotel room and did a little geocaching.  Here's a pix from one of our stops...

 isn't this lovely?  Much better than what I hear is back home.  Ooo, I'll be back there on Tues. and I don't wanna go!!

When we stopped at the laundromat, this is what greeted us! HA He said 'what's goin' on?' and made a kissing sound and, poor thing, looks like he's molting! But look at that green head!

And finally, this was a sunset photo taken from our balcony on the ship.  It probably woulda been prettier if there weren't so many clouds.  But it was still pretty!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Well, tomorrow we're OFF THIS SHIP!  I'm kinda glad even though we've had a GREAT time!  Didn't spend nearly enough time in the sun as we were workin' in the sweat shop.  And I did NOT get to zip line (I'm SO MAD!).  I went up there this afternoon and they cut off the line with ME!  BOO HISS!  It really looked like fine..oh well, guess I'll hafta take a trip to Costa Rica to zip line.  HAHA

Here are a couple of photos from our class today with Edyta--I LOVE her!  She is totally awesome and issued a challenge to all of us taking this class.  She said if we finish this quilt top by the end of Feb., send her an email and we'll be in a drawing to have her quilt it!  WOW!  I'm so IN for this challenge!



I got ONE tree block completed in class so I have 17 more to do when I get home.  I'll have to do a couple a day I think to get it done.  And here's Bev, my table mate and classmate, with her top she made from Edyta's pretty!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Awright, so I haven't done much on my first day's project.  We got skeerd when we saw Edyta's project and thought we better jump ahead and start working on 9 million 1/2 square triangles.  OK, not quite that many but pretty darned close.  So we had Lynne Hagemire (SP?) from Kansas Troubles today and that was a quick and dirty project.


Just a couple of quilts she brought to show.  SO cute and easy!  We can DO this!  I got my rows together but the top's not together yet.  Maybe for show & tell at quiltsitters next time.  Not tomorrow with Edyta then we are gonna be kicked outta the classroom as 3 so they can get all the machines and stuff packed up

I also HOPE to be doing a little ziplining tomorrow.  I want Frank up there to video tape this for posterity.  Sure hope he doesn't capture a face of HORROR!!  EEK!  But I am BOUND & DETERMINED!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WHOA! We've had several ships in port with us everywhere we've stopped so the crowds have been TERRIBLE!  I didn't get off the ship in St. Thomas since Frank was golfing.  Today we got off for a little bit in St. Maarten but didn't go far.  It was HOT!  Sorry for all you at home, I know you're freezin' your butts off!  So we got back on the ship and lazed around by the pool!  HA



I'll post more photos tomorrow as the download was takin' WAAYY too long.  The first is us HARD AT WORK and the 2nd is the project we were working on.  Sandy Klopp's cute little quilt.  Then our view out our balcony at St. Thomas and lastly dessert last night!  YUMMERS!  I actually ordered two (I'm SOO bad) and the 2nd pix will be tomorrow.  Our class tomorrow is Lynne Hagemeier's Five and Dime then the next day is Edyta Sitar's tree quilt.  SO PRETTY but very labor intensive.  I'm getting a head start with my triangles.  LOL  Later--