Thursday, February 3, 2011

Awright, so I haven't done much on my first day's project.  We got skeerd when we saw Edyta's project and thought we better jump ahead and start working on 9 million 1/2 square triangles.  OK, not quite that many but pretty darned close.  So we had Lynne Hagemire (SP?) from Kansas Troubles today and that was a quick and dirty project.


Just a couple of quilts she brought to show.  SO cute and easy!  We can DO this!  I got my rows together but the top's not together yet.  Maybe for show & tell at quiltsitters next time.  Not tomorrow with Edyta then we are gonna be kicked outta the classroom as 3 so they can get all the machines and stuff packed up

I also HOPE to be doing a little ziplining tomorrow.  I want Frank up there to video tape this for posterity.  Sure hope he doesn't capture a face of HORROR!!  EEK!  But I am BOUND & DETERMINED!!!

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judy said...

Ok about packing up one of the quilts for me..I'm sure she would never miss it...beautiful quilts.
I want to see the video on your zipline adventure. Even better I would love to see Frank on video ziplining...some how I don't see that happening.
Better stay away from Texas snow last night.
Have fun!!