Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm so excited!!  Bonnie Hunter's comin' next week--YIPPEE!!  She'll speak at our guild on Tues. evening and then do a workshop on Wed.  We're doing Cathedral Stars so I've been cutting my strips as instructed.  Lissa Alexander from Moda (who was on our cruise with us) said she was coming to our guild to see Bonnie.  Double yippee!!

This is the picture stolen borrowed from Bonnie's site.  Not sure how big mine'll wind up as I have not had very good success with the tri-recs & easy angle rulers in the past.  We'll see if Bonnie's tips for success work with me this time around.

I'm the show & tell gal for the guild so I'd asked anyone who'd done any of Bonnie's quilts to bring them.   I think I've dragged 4 or 5 out but haven't located one and need to borrow another from my sister (that I gave to her a couple of years ago).

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Sheri said...

I'm so envious! Take lots of pictures at guild, OK? Enjoyed seeing your pics from cruise...looks like you had a great time. You definitely picked a good time to be out of Texas!