Sunday, February 20, 2011

Last week during our guild meeting with Bonnie, we were all set to draw the name of our raffle quilt winner.  Since Bonnie was our honored speaker and we were SO happy she came, she was asked to draw the winner.  We had a HUGE plastic tub full of ticket stubs and Bonnie mixed and turned to make sure each and every ticket had the same opportunity to be fished out!  She reached in, grabbed a ticket and checked to see if she might possibly recognize the name.  She got the most shocked look on her face and gasped, "OH MY GOSH", re-read it, shouted "OH MY GOSH" again and handed it off to our raffle ticket chairlady.  She read the winning name  --  CHARNA GRAY!! WOW, not only a member of our guild but our VP in charge of programs and the woman who had JUST taken Bonnie out to dinner!!  What are the odds?!!  And she was even dressed to match the quilt she'd just won.

Now, on to the next raffle quilt.  LOL

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