Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh my GOSH!!  Bonnie Hunter's HERE!  She does the most AWESOME guild presentation and I'm REALLY looking forward to her workshop tomorrow.  I couldn't believe it when she walked in with one of those duffel bags FULL of quilts slung over her shoulder!!  LOL  I just carried in a couple of the boxes of her books and those were heavy.  Can't imagine slinging the duffel bag over the ole shoulder. 




A lot of her quilts are ones that we've seen everywhere..on her blog, on Flickr, in her books--lots of places.  So I just put a few up.  Pretty sure the last two are from her newest book (which, by the way, I plan on buying tomorrow at the workshop!!).  Will take pix tomorrow and share the fun we had.

Lissa Alexander from Moda showed up (remember she was with us on the quilting cruise) and that was another fun surprise.  Poor thing, she was visiting US and wound up working as one of the quilt holders for Bonnie's presentation.  We are SO BAD!!  HI LISSA, thanks for coming to visit..we'll be better hostesses next time!!

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