Friday, February 25, 2011

Today was a GREAT day!  My friend, JoAnne, and I spent the day with our bud Sheri who's been battling multiple myeloma.  She's been through a stem cell transplant and is in the process of getting back to her 'old' self!  She's still got immunity issues so doesn't get out in crowds and such.  So instead WE went to HER!!  Just sitting stitching and chatting was so nice as much for us (if not more so) as for her.  She has the most beautiful backyard and she has FINCHES!!  I'm so JEALOUS!  Finches don't visit my house even though I've tried.




THEN our buddy JoAnne had show and tell!  She's been BUSY!!  She's finishing up the binding on the LQS' BOM (love the batiks & black), binding a little mini  and had a completed clam shell mini (look how TINY) and finally a Kim Diehl design.  WUNDERBAR!!  I finished up one little crocheted baby cap for the county hospital and Sheri did a DJ block (I did NOT get a picture of that...POOH!). It was a VERY good day.

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JoAnne said...

Yes, it WAS a very good day - fabulous friends, a delicious lunch, and lots of sewing and yakking. What more could one want?