Sunday, February 6, 2011



We drove down to Key West today and did a little geocaching while down there (I know a lot of you have no clue what that is--you can google it.  It's FUN!).  The weather is SO GORGEOUS!  There are wild chickens running around all over Key West..did you know that?  I've been before but didn't know it.  And of course, pelicans! 

A mile marker showing how far it is from Key West to a TON of different places and Frank's big catch (HAHA, yeah right!).  Sorry to have nothing about quilting but I don't have a machine and would just rather leave everything neatly packed away til we get back home.  Then I'll be a sewing MACHINE!!  Later gators.

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Needled Mom said...

I just had to pop over and see if you wrote about the cruise. WOW!!!! It looks fabulous. Your photos are spectacular.

We drove from Key Largo down to Key West a few years back and it was an interesting drive.