Friday, February 4, 2011

Well, tomorrow we're OFF THIS SHIP!  I'm kinda glad even though we've had a GREAT time!  Didn't spend nearly enough time in the sun as we were workin' in the sweat shop.  And I did NOT get to zip line (I'm SO MAD!).  I went up there this afternoon and they cut off the line with ME!  BOO HISS!  It really looked like fine..oh well, guess I'll hafta take a trip to Costa Rica to zip line.  HAHA

Here are a couple of photos from our class today with Edyta--I LOVE her!  She is totally awesome and issued a challenge to all of us taking this class.  She said if we finish this quilt top by the end of Feb., send her an email and we'll be in a drawing to have her quilt it!  WOW!  I'm so IN for this challenge!



I got ONE tree block completed in class so I have 17 more to do when I get home.  I'll have to do a couple a day I think to get it done.  And here's Bev, my table mate and classmate, with her top she made from Edyta's pretty!


Betty Lou said...

Hope you share your trip with us at the next guild meeting. Sound like a fun time was had by all.

Bev said...

Hey, Do you could e-mail that picture of me and the elegant garden quilt? That would be super..