Monday, March 7, 2011

These are my star blocks for the "Just One Star" campaign that Moda's promoting right now.  I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I had 'challenged' my fellow guild members at our Feb. meeting to help out this most worthy cause and volunteered to personally deliver any blocks that were brought to our Mar. & Apr. guild meetings.  Our newsletter editor put the info in the newsletter as well as a link to United Notions where the directions can be found.

I'd be willing to bet big bucks that they will receive way more than the 1800 blocks they're looking for knowing  how generous quilters are.  Who's with me?!!  LOL


Betty Lou said...

Thank you Sherrill for getting this project going. Hope they get MORE than 1800 blocks.

Stephanie said...

I got my fabrics today so I'll be sewing my stars. So many wonderful things quilters can do.