Saturday, April 30, 2011

I had two shops to finish for the shop hop this weekend so ran out this  morning and polished it off.  Now I'm hoping to hear from multiple shops that I'm the winner of either one of their $25 GC's or perhaps a couple of the gift baskets valued at $300!!!  HAHAHA  I know, dreamer!  But a gal's gotta have some hope after driving that many miles and putting that much gas (at TODAY'S PRICES) in the ole tank, right?!!  Anyway, while there, I decided to take a picture of the sample quilt of the Christmas quilt class I've signed up for.  I think we're doing the classes by section so like upper left 1/3, upper middle 1/3, etc.

I doing mine more dark, not bright, Christmas colors but so far I've only done a few 1/2 sq. tri's.  Missed the 2nd class while in San Fran. so I better get busy!!


Kathie said...

nice quilt look forward to seeing yours in your colors!

Beth said...

Love that quilt! Would you share what shop, city & state you found it in so we all could get one? Or is there a pattern available?