Wednesday, April 13, 2011

MAN, I HATE this pneumonia thing.  You feel like you've got a cold but you wear out in no time flat!  And I'm really not pushing myself or overextending..just trying to get a small thing or two done here & there.  So I couldn't find a good picture on the 'net and just took a picture from the book.  Since I had to miss Gwen Marston's workshop last weekend, I decided this was going to be my next project (I actually think this was Freddy's quilt)....

These are not my usual colors but I LOVE it!  The blocks are BIG (at 20") so just a few will make a nice-sized quilt.  I worked on making a few of the 1/2 sq. triangles but am too tired to trim them so that will wait.

And this was my companion as I rested on the couch last evening.  He couldn't squeeze all of his fat little body on all of the soft blankie so part of him was laying on my foot.  Too funny, goofy boy.

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