Monday, May 9, 2011

 Judy B. never fails to harrass me if the content on my blog isn't updated at LEAST every 27.5 hours!!  LOL  Just KIDDING.  But it has been awhile and that's almost always because I've gotten VERY little done (at least to a point where I have anything to show!!).  So just to get Judy off my case, here's a LITTLE something new.  Some beautiful lilies blooming in my yard.  And then I did manage to get the 2nd in our newest BOM series done.  Don't know if I mentioned last month but these will all be stars and my chosen colorway is tan and red.

And over at Sew Cal Gal's blog is a challenge for blocks that will be made into Quilts Of Valor.  There are some FABULOUS prizes that will be awarded for various and sundry things all to benefit a terrific cause.  Hope you'll take a peek and consider donating a block, blocks, maybe even a top or completed quilt.  Our servicemen and women deserve it for SURE!!

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judy said...

Thanks for updating...I have to know what is going on in your life at all times. I know that those lilies are not under your care they look too good. Frank must be the one that tends them.