Monday, May 16, 2011

Today was our monthly quiltsitters meeting so you know what that means, right?!!  SHOW & TELL!!!  Don't wanna make you wait.




The first two on the left side are what we did as a 'non'-mystery in our group.  I BARELY started mine and stalled.  Mine was going to be fall colors..we'll see if I ever get back to it.  But it's really cool.  Then Bonnie's quilt that looks like a crocheted afghan is BEAUTIFUL.  The others are wonderful also.  I'm just amazed at what all people get accomplished.  I need to get more done!!


JoAnne said...

You sure didn't waste any time getting those photos up! HaHa

Sheila said...

Striking quilts, as always! Is there a commercial pattern for "Bonnie's quilt"? I know how to do it, but curious if there's an easier method than what I think.

Taryn said...

The other quilters in my group usually put me to shame, too. At least we get to admire all that they do (and be inpsired).