Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well, SHOOT, I am SO MAD!  I'm a really bad photojournalist! LOL  I stopped at the CUTEST quilt shop today in Lafayette, IN.  It's in an old church and was really neat looking from the outside.  So I stopped and took a couple of pix of the pretty flowers AND a picture of the quilt shop.  Guess which one DIDN'T turn out?  You guessed it.  SOO I had to steal a photo from their website..and when I DID, I noticed the shop's for SALE!!  So here's your chance to live your dream if you've ever wanted to own a quilt shop.  HA  And here's the picture

and here are the beautiful flowers


And, while I was waiting on my son, I noticed the coolest 'graffiti' on the back side of a liquor store.  I had to take pictures--



I was trying to remember the name of the masked horse character and couldn't remember.  Asked DH and he came up with it right away.  Can YOU?!!


Anonymous said...

The Lone Ranger???

judy said...

What a beautiful seems alot of old churches are closing their doors...old churches are so charming.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Hey! I know that shop! And have shopped there for many years when I had kids going to Purdue, and go down twice a year for retreats!