Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DANG!!  I tried a couple of times to post our activites while at the lake on retreat and we had minimal internet service so wound up having to wait til I got home.  So NOW we can get on with what we accomplished (me, not so much--HA).

I pressed the other 3 into service making the cute little luggage tags.  These things are SO quick & easy they're really addicting.  We got these whipped out in no time and they all said they were going to make more when they got home. 
Now ole JoAnne was a BUSY bee.  She's been working on her second Dear Jane and is assembling rows and doing a sort of quilt as you go method then going back in each block and doing hand quilting according to that particular block.  ANOTHER beauty there, JoAnne.

I have more but will share in a post tomorrow.  We had a GREAT time!!

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Betty Lou said...

Like the luggage tags, they will be good sellers. JoAnne is something else, can't believe this is her 2nd Dear Jane.