Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've gotten a few things finished up (or NEARLY finished up) today and there are still hours left in the day!  WOOHOO!  Got the box of Home of the Brave quilts mailed this morning so hopefully they'll arrive safe and sound.  I ALWAYS worry til I hear from Robin that they've arrived.  I put a rag quilt together for the county hospital (this one's NOT for Camp's next) but have not done all the snipping yet.

Then I got busy and polished off the luggage tags that I'd prepped.  We have a nice little batch going with a few more to come.   And last but not least I did the last two quilt tool caddies (thinkk that makes a total of 8 right now).  They're pretty easy to crank out.

Think I'll go cut and press the binding for my neutrals BOM that I just got back from the longarmer last week!!


Betty Lou said...

I love it how your say "and then I got busy"-------you are the busiest quilter I know. Lots of nice finishes, did you make all the Home of the Brave quilts? You really do quilt in your sleep.

Lois Evensen said...

You have been very busy! I especially like those luggage tags. It would be hard to pick up the wrong bag!