Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well, I drove ALL THE WAY over to Tyler and back today for my workshop with Kim Diehl.  Wasn't much to take pictures of in the workshop so there's just one of a group listening to her explanation of her methods and then one of me with Kim (I look AWFUL but it's a good picture of Kim!!).  I picked up some REALLY good hints for making machine applique MUCH easier so am looking forward to doing some more (did very little in class cause I needed to get home early).

Now I need to get busy making a little chow for the retreat at the lake AND getting a few more projects together to work on while there.  Can't WAIT!!


Monica said...

And I'm hoping you'll share these fabulous tips you learned! I'm glad you had a good time...soooooo jealous.

JoAnne said...

Love your new banner!