Sunday, June 12, 2011


Ya know the other day I said I only had the daylilies and coneflowers...what a SNUB to my other beauties.  They're on the side of the house so often overlooked.  My hardy hibiscus are such prolific bloomers!  Aren't they pretty?  The hydrangea is not lookin' so hot right now--should've taken pix a couple of weeks ago when they were pretty in pink (I, for the life of me, canNOT get them to change to blue even though I've tried all the hints & tips!).

Tomorrow's retreat time..better git cookin' and packin' a few  more projects so I don't run out.  HAHAHA!

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Taryn said...

Have fun at your retreat. I am jealous (both that you get to go on a retreat and you can grow such pretty flowers).