Sunday, July 3, 2011

Well, we've been in Colorado for a couple of days now and have already gone on a river rafting trip...

this is NOT our raft, merely a representation!!  LOL  We didn't have to wear helmets either cause it wasn't that rough.  But the water was DARNED cold AND it started raining and hailing on us the last mile and a half or so.  We were frozen by the time we got outta the water!  But it was still fun and I saw some BEAUTIFUL birds.  A Western Tanager, a golden (not gold) finch and a cute little American dipper.  Oh yeah, and a red-headed merganser (sp?). 

Now today, we drove over to Durango and did the Durango-Silverton train ride.  We've done it many times but the family with us had never done it before and I think they really enjoyed it.  Unfortunately, as we got into Silverton, it started raining (AGAIN) and was pretty chilly up there.  So we really didn't get to stroll the streets and visit all the cute shops up there.  We've always taken the train back down in the past but this time we took the bus.  I was SO glad cause we'd been  in an open air gondola and that would have been really chilly going back with rain at least part way.

Tomorrow, we're going to the parade in the morning and HOPEFULLY no rain tomorrow night so we can watch the fireworks!!


Lois Evensen said...

Wow, what a trip! It looks like great fun!

~Niki~ said...

oh, what fun!
sounds like a great 4th!