Saturday, July 16, 2011

Whoo wee!  I've really been busy today.  I went to the grocery store first thing this morning, trying to be out and about BEFORE it gets so hot.  That way I can stay in the rest of the day! LOL  I'm having the family over tomorrow and am making pulled pork.  I decided I'd do it in the crockpot today instead of tomorrow so it's been cooking (and smelling REAL GOOD) since about 11am.

 I finally got all the rows in this sucker sewn together.  Think I'll put one border on it and it'll be ready for the longarmer!  YAY!!
Then I picked up the BOM Thur. when I was up at the LQS sewin' with the gals.  Got it put together today (but did a pretty crappy job on it).  I may just hafta re-do this one.

AND I did some more of these bowties (thanks again, Betty Lou!!).  All the ones I did today had to be done twice though!  Ticks me off I wasn't paying more attention!!  I have lots more waiting to be done.

Last but not least I got one extra pillowcase done.  Two down, eight to go.  Probably won't get much done tomorrow with the company comin' over.  I still have taco salad and ice cream to make ( and putting away all this sewing mess!!!).


Amy said...

Your quilt looks great. Love the red, white and blue!

Lois Evensen said...

You have been busy. Doesn't it feel good to be multi tasking - that's why I love crock pots. You can "cook" and do other things at the same time. ;)

JoAnne said...

RWB looks awesome! You really have been busy!

Betty Lou said...

Keep those Bow Ties coming-------very productive day. Have fun with the family tomorrow.

Alycia said...

Holy Cow!!! YOu have been busy. I love that RWB one - what pattern is it?