Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Last week, Judy said our 'ingredient of the week' was carrots and we were supposed to make something with the carrots (I guess something new, never tried in our household before or maybe just a carrot fav).  Since it has been so cold here and I freeze anytime the temps fall below 60, I'd been wanting to try a soup I found on my favorite, go to place when I'm looking for new recipes.   This soup sounded pretty good and easy so I gave it a whirl.  I did not blend most of the soup, just a little to beef it up a little.  While it was OK, I would say not a big fav so probably wouldn't make it again.  I should've just make the 'boiled dinner' that I like really well with kielbasa, cabbage, potatoes and carrots.  Now that is YUMMY!!  I'd even toyed with what Ava made, the carrot raisin salad but when Chick Fil A is less than 5 min. from the house and theirs is the BEST, why bother grating all those carrots?!!  HAHA 
I also went to quilt group at church today.  I had intended to get two more HOB tops assembled but it took me the whole time to just get one done.  And that was sewing the whole time, not taking any time for idle chit chat.  So JoAnne was going to drop them by our friend Cindy's, who'd offered to do the longarming pro bono.  Can't beat that offer!!  We had 3 HOB tops and a jelly roll race top that will go to QOV.  YAY!  A productive day, I'd say.  But Judy, I AM getting tired of the rain already.  I want sunny skies and warm days (which it sounds like we'll get for a day or two..BAH).

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