Thursday, February 14, 2013

I flit from project to project and sometimes even wind up getting some of them to the flimsy stage!    I worked on this one during the time Frank was sick last year and continued slowly with it once I got him home to hospice.  But since then it's been languishing and I finally decided I needed to get it out and get it done so that maybe it will be ready in time to adorn the wall for the 4th of July!!  Will let you know how I progress with that!  I have two half-square triangle borders and I think that should take care of it.
And can someone tell me why, when there's a sofa, bed, carpeted floor and even a throw to cozy up on, will a cat choose a box or a plastic bag to 'snuggle' in?  Got the photo in the box but missed it when he was in the plastic bag.  LOL  Goofus.

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