Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm still having a hard time doing a post like I want (& used) to.  I can't get the picture posted without using the stupid html button then clicking the compose link to get back to where I can type.  ARGGHH!!  Anyway, since I was 'puterless' on Judy's 'what's on your design wall' day but I had taken the picture, thought I'd just post it now.  This will be a QOV sent to Alycia when finished.

Our church group just sent 7 HOB quilts to Robin, our TX coordinator, and she asked that this be our last batch sent to her.  The good news is since our troops are exiting the area, the need will be diminishing greatly--a VERY good thing.  Bad thing is we still have lots of civil war fabric left.  So one of my thoughts was we could just make them bigger and they will work for QOV quilts as well (kinda like the one in the picture..HA).  I know that most of them seem to like the patriotic look in their quilts but some make like the civil war look maybe?  Sure hope so.

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Kathie said...

LOVE these blocks always just fun to make these blocks for me . of course since the are RWB just makes me smile