Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Got a few more of my 'colorful' blocks done today.  I'll probably make more than I plan on size-wise..that will allow me to weed out the ones that don't seem to fit in.  Are there any that jump out at you as not fitting in at this (early) point.  Do you have a favorite?  I do.


Kathie said...

oh I love this pattern , looking good.
I love the top right hand corner one

the bottom 2nd from the right with the light blue center is jumping out at me
but as you make more it may be fine.
have fun!

JoAnne said...

Top row, second block seems dark but may be ok if you add more dark. My fave is the bottom row, last block on the right. It's looking good!

Judy said...

Sherrill ...are you deleting my comments....you HAVE to remove the dark blue one....Why? because I said so.