Sunday, March 24, 2013

Design floor

I've been watching as Wanda has been slowly but surely making her beautiful, colorful blocks.  And I kept thinking how gorgeous they were but was trying to repress the urge to start some of my own.  That didn't take long (LOL)!!  Thanks again, Wanda....(yeah right!!  HA).  I did actually sew 5 or 6 of the indigo and cream yesterday so those haven't completely fallen by the wayside.


JoAnne said...

Your blocks are beautiful! So bright and happy. I will not start another project, I will not start another project!!!

Betty Lou said...

Nice nd bright, like the secondary pattern they create.

diana569 said...

Hi! Found you thru Judy's Patchwork Times link, on todays post Judy D showed a quilt she was working on. I loved the block and tried to find the pattern, with no luck and then tried to figure out the piecing of this block, after staring at it for the better part of an hour and gave up. Continued looking at the rest of the links and came across yours. Looked at it for two seconds and figured out the block. Thanks so much for posting your link today, I would have thought about that block forever till I figured it out.T hanks to you I can make the block instead. Happy Stitchin'