Monday, April 22, 2013

Scrappy Trips

I started another scrappy trips after seeing some brighter examples lately.  Now I realize this is just BARELY a start but I'm thinking I want to make this queen size so I can replace my present fall-colored batik quilt that now resides on my bed.

I'm also very excited that I found a border for my "Easy Streets" quilt and will, hopefully very soon, get those on and get her off to the longarmer.  I LOVE that quilt and get ooo's and ahh's everywhere I take it. 

After church quilt group last week, I brought home yet more homework.  UGH!  But it's stuff I love to another rag quilt finished up and have a couple more of those to work on.  But I still haven't finished the curtains for my nephews so I WILL get those done this week.  Also have a project to do with them for their mom's Mother's Day present.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Got a second rag quilt done..I still really enjoy making these, they're so 'freeing'!  LOL  Our group leader at the church quilt group has a goal of making 100 quilts for the 'Quilts Beyond Borders' organization.  I was looking at their blog the other day and noticed several of the boys wanted to trade in their quilt for a 'soccer' quilt.  So when I was in JoAnn's, I noticed some soccer fabric and bought the remainder of the bolt (which was just over a couple of yards).  I cut it into something like 24x21 in. pieces and am just going to put 12.5" borders around the center piece to bring it up to their size requirements, which are like 45x48 because they said it fits on the kids' beds better.

Now I NEED to get busy making curtains for my two little nephews' bedroom.  That is like one of my LEAST favorite things to do but I will do it for them!!  HA  Nothing fancy--I'd just rather be doing something/anything quilty!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I was this close to finishing my bright, colorful + and x quilt but then I went off in a different direction.  UGH!  I'm SO easily distracted.  However, I was distracted by a few donation quilts I need to get done.  I went to quilting up at my church last week and our fearless leader always tries to sedt us home with homework.  I already had some stuff here but did bring home another rag quilt kit to add to the one here.  I also had a QOV that I planned on putting together. 

 The last time I contacted the state coordinator for HOB quilts, she asked that the quilts I was ready to send be the last as the program was winding down.  Now, that is a VERY good glad the need is no longer there.  However, we still have lots of civil war repro fabric in our closet and had lots of blocks cut.  SO I decided to set them 4X5 with a border to make them large enough for QOV.  This is the first of three I'll be putting together and will wait til next church group to cut and attach a border.  We have a great longarmer that graciously quilts all of our donation quilts--isn't that AWESOME?!!
This is the first of two rag quilts I'm working on.  The stitching is completed on this one but of course needs to be clipped.  It's cold and rainy today so will try to get that all done this evening.  Then hopefully in the next few days I'll get back to my + and x quilt (although I DO think I found a couple of 'mushy' blocks--OH NO!).  Including replacements for the 'mushys', I'll have 6 more blocks to finish up then put the rows together into a flimsy.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Still growing

Still growing and I still love it!!  Have about 8 additional blocks in progress and parts cut for several more.  May wind up at 6X8 (or even bigger..we'll see!).  Wanda even looked at it and said she didn't see any mushiness.  LOL