Thursday, May 9, 2013

I have not sewed a stitch in DAYS!!  I've been trying to clean my messy, messy house as I have a group of ladies coming on Monday for game day.  WOW, it is SLOW going!!  AND I'm thinking I really need to start organizing and packing stuff up in anticipation of a move I hope to make before too long.  UGH, it makes me shudder just thinking about it.

So since nothing quilty has been going on around here, I just had to share the cutest photo

Aren't they CUTE?!!!  My niece found a nest with these 5 babies a couple of weeks ago.  Being the animal whisperer that she is, she couldn't just leave them.  She called a few rescue organizations but only one would take baby birds and it was a LONG drive so she decided to take care of them.  I figured they all succumb pretty quickly but look--they're almost ready to fly on their own.  She goes to Pet Smart and gets live (GROSS) meal worms and crickets and feeds them to the babies.  They are little PIGS!  It's unreal how much one little baby bird can eat!!  But aren't they cute?  Little swallows.

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