Thursday, May 2, 2013

My intention was not to be so long in posting but it's all JoAnne's fault.  SHE remembered to take a picture with our friend, Dot, from England when she was here and I did NOT.  :-(  So I thought she'd post on her blog but then she didn't and---well, you know. 

I laid the blocks that I currently have completed on the floor so you could see how I'm coming along.  GEEZ I've had to do a lot of unpicking on this one.  Seems I always get ONE row sewn on wrong and don't get the diagonal colors that make the quilt pattern.  ARGH, that is frustrating.  Doing this along with an occasional block for the colorful X quilt and some Home of the Brave blocks in civil war repros,  red/white/blue and fall colorways for donation quilts means I don't have a lot of finishes to show but I AM getting stuff done.  In fact, I sewed one of the repro quilt centers together at church today and JoAnne took it home to get a back on it.  Should've taken a pix but didn't..oh well.

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