Monday, June 3, 2013

OK bombing memorial

While in OKC, my brother wanted to see the Oklahoma City bombing memorial.  I've been there once before and was so moved at how beautifully they'd constructed it.  We were talking yesterday with a National Park Service ranger and he was given us some really interesting facts about the symbolism involved in how it was laid out.  They have chairs for each adult and child killed in the bombing.  There are nine rows of chairs as there were nine floors in the bldg.  They have the chairs arranged as to which floor of the bldg. the people were (like Secret Service was 9th floor, the daycare was on the 2nd, etc.).  The bombing occurred at 9:02am so at one end of the reflecting pool is a wall with 9:01 am and the other end is 9:03 am.  So much symbolism....


This is the survivor tree.  My cousin was telling me that right after the blast, that tree was  pretty much like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree.  But it has survived and thrived.  The seeds have been gathered and sent to areas that have suffered their own disasters, one of them being NY after 9/11.  So I guess there are supposedly many offspring of the survivor tree around the country and/or world.

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Kindred Quilts said...

Catching up on blog reading... I've read about the symbolism of the memorial in Oklahoma City, but I didn't know about the Survivor Tree. That's a real tug at the heart, and comforting to know that the seeds of healing have spread to others who are in need of healing. Thank you for your post, Sherrill.