Wednesday, July 24, 2013

 I just had to stop and share but then I NEED to get back to packing.  YUCK!  I received my final (yes, this means I will NOT buy anymore) two AAQI quilts today and they are fantastic!

This one is simply "In the Garden" by Caren Rich of Mobile, AL.  I love the little beads in the center of the flowers and that adorable (if you can call a spider adorable) beaded spider.  The colors are so pretty and I love the quilting (even the little spiderweb).  AWESOME!

This one is another beauty.  There were a few variations to choose from as I was shopping the AAQI website and it seemed they were all made in a workshop with Lisa Ellis in VA.  I loved the bare tree with newly fallen leaves, the pretty neutral background pieces and the gorgeous metallic quilting.  I'm gonna have one really pretty display in the new house of all of my little quilts grouped together!!  This little treasure was made by (it looks like) Jan Fuato of Vienna, VA (she did a LOT of quilting over the label..LOL).

As I said I am NOT buying anymore AAQI quilts so the rest of you need to get over there and shop til you drop.  It's for a good cause you know!

Monday, July 22, 2013

It is absolutely INCREDIBLE how much CRAP I've accumulated since I've started quilting (which I THINK was nearly 20 years ago).  I've been trying to organize, sort, give away, donate, ditch, etc. and it hardly seems I've made a DENT!!  I used to jokingly say I was buying for retirement but think I ultimately wound up buying for 20 folks' retirements!  I NEED to tell our fearless leader at our church quilt group not to buy fabric EVER AGAIN as I'm fairly certain I can supply any and all needs in that dept.  But the sorting and packing are extremely slow when you're doing it by yourself (or at least for me it is) and I get to the point where I say to myself  'why bother? you'll NEVER get it done'.  So many times, I just want to give up and leave it and go somewhere where no one will know me. 

It's so hard to believe that I'm coming up on a year without Frank.  That'll be the 11th of next month.  I miss him more with all of this.  He would've had this all packed up two weeks ago.  But whenever anything needs a little work, I must do it (and believe me, I have NO clue what I'm doing).  If there's lawn stuff that needs attention (besides mowing, I have someone do that), I must do it.  If something breaks, it's up to me to try to figure it out or just leave it broken.  I had the exterior of the house painted last week and had to deal with the workers here.  It's just really hard when you've had a hubby that was relatively handy at things (as well as who spoiled me rotten) and he's not there anymore.  It really would be easy to just leave.....

I have been contributing to the AAQI cause.  Their very successful run is coming to an end so if you are at all interested in contributing to Alzheimer's research, go have a look.  They still have lots of cute little quilts left.  I just received this one in the mail today (reminded me of my best friend who moved to TX from MN and returned there when her hubby retired).  Very cute!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

As I continue this laborious process of trying to pack up this house by myself (which isn't going so well..HA) with LOTS of distractions (painters here yesterday and day before painting the exterior which I felt I needed to supervise), I have been negligent of pretty much everything else, including the blog.  One of these days, I WILL get back to it and sewing but for now--NOT!

 The sky was so pretty yesterday evening with the nearly full moon.  I had to grab my camera and get a picture.
Then this morning, I was trying to grab some seeds from my beautiful hibiscus plants to take to the new place and found a resident had made herself right at home there.  One again, a 'photo opportunity'.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fourth of July and our Declaration of Independence

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY everyone!!  Have a great time celebrating our freedom and those who sacrificed greatly after signing our Declaration of Independence!!!  If you never knew or if you don't recall from your school days (probably most of us never studied this much about them), Rush Limbaugh's father often gave a speech about the signers of the declaration and what became of them.  You can find it here--  Unfortunately, I'm not sure we have 56 men in our Congress now that would have made such huge sacrifices.

And on a lighter note

I really like this quilt..very simple, should be a breeze to make (if I didn't have so much other stuff goin' on!!).  Maybe I'll try to get it done before NEXT 4th--we'll see how all that shakes out!  Here's the instructions if you'd like to make one for yourself