Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fourth of July and our Declaration of Independence

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY everyone!!  Have a great time celebrating our freedom and those who sacrificed greatly after signing our Declaration of Independence!!!  If you never knew or if you don't recall from your school days (probably most of us never studied this much about them), Rush Limbaugh's father often gave a speech about the signers of the declaration and what became of them.  You can find it here--  Unfortunately, I'm not sure we have 56 men in our Congress now that would have made such huge sacrifices.

And on a lighter note

I really like this quilt..very simple, should be a breeze to make (if I didn't have so much other stuff goin' on!!).  Maybe I'll try to get it done before NEXT 4th--we'll see how all that shakes out!  Here's the instructions if you'd like to make one for yourself

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Love that's all your projects goin'