Wednesday, July 24, 2013

 I just had to stop and share but then I NEED to get back to packing.  YUCK!  I received my final (yes, this means I will NOT buy anymore) two AAQI quilts today and they are fantastic!

This one is simply "In the Garden" by Caren Rich of Mobile, AL.  I love the little beads in the center of the flowers and that adorable (if you can call a spider adorable) beaded spider.  The colors are so pretty and I love the quilting (even the little spiderweb).  AWESOME!

This one is another beauty.  There were a few variations to choose from as I was shopping the AAQI website and it seemed they were all made in a workshop with Lisa Ellis in VA.  I loved the bare tree with newly fallen leaves, the pretty neutral background pieces and the gorgeous metallic quilting.  I'm gonna have one really pretty display in the new house of all of my little quilts grouped together!!  This little treasure was made by (it looks like) Jan Fuato of Vienna, VA (she did a LOT of quilting over the label..LOL).

As I said I am NOT buying anymore AAQI quilts so the rest of you need to get over there and shop til you drop.  It's for a good cause you know!

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