Thursday, September 26, 2013

Oh, oh, oh!  I didn't think I could EVER feel as tired as I felt last night.  I kept thinking my next step would be my last, that there was NO WAY I could take one more.  Every ligament, tendon, bone, vein, molecule, molar and cell HURT!!!  When I laid down in bed last night, it hurt to move, turn over and reposition.  And then I slept like a rock and was able to move a little better this morning.

Just about the time I'd allow myself to think I was doing pretty good getting stuff cleared out, more stuff would appear from who knows where.  I even thought I'd be done in time to get my hair cut last night at 6:30--NOT!  I didn't get home til 10:30 (after getting to the house at 9am) and had to be at the title company this morning at 9.  But the closing is over, the money's in the bank and I'm back to owning just one home once more!!  YAY!!

NOW I have to contend with the aftermath of putting all this stuff away but at MY LEISURE, not under the constraints of a deadline.  I just hope NO ONE thinks they can come over and expect to be invited in.....

 partial view of garage

very small corner of house

And NOW I'm off to the happiest place on earth in a couple of days.  SO looking forward to relaxing and putting the horrors of the past couple of weeks behind me and putting the tasks at hand behind me if only for a few days.  I think when I return, I'll be ready to face some more remodeling/updating and THEN begin sorting and finally putting things in their place.

 Can't WAIT to go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The only quilty thing I've been doing is loading up quilts from one house and moving them to another..does that count?  Didn't think so.

Just a pretty sky shot tonight--got it from the moonrise direction rather than the sunset direction.

Friday, September 6, 2013

I haven't posted in quite awhile I know but I have a really good excuse.  MOVING!!  It has taken nearly every ounce of energy I have and continues to do so.  I've had a lot of work done around the new as well as the old house.  Moved out a lot of stuff but there's a ton more left and I try to get over there every day or two to load up the car again and lug it into the new house.  Makes me wish I was in better shape..might be able to tolerate more than I am right now.

I ran out to the car just now to grab something and noticed this HUGE moth on my porch

Don't think I've ever seen one like this.  Will have to google and see if I can figure out what it is.  I'm sure nothing rare or anything like that..LOL.  I'm just not real familiar with moths.  Just wanted to share since I've done absolutely no quilt-related stuff and don't foresee any anytime soon! :-(