Thursday, October 31, 2013

Just had to share this beautiful quilt which was one of the many winners from the Houston Quilt Festival.  Drawn to this one as (I believe) the name was "Oklahoma Windsong" and the maker is from Oklahoma City!!  I grew up in Oklahoma City and still consider myself part Okie, part Texas (even though I was born in MD!!).  Those beautiful birds in the quilt are Scissor Tail Flycatchers and the state bird of Oklahoma .  BEAUTIFUL!!  I am constantly amazed at the creativity of so many quilters (unfortunately, I am not one of them).

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

 Lots of people think we here in Texas don't have a fall  season or the color
associated with fall.  WELL, these pictures prove it ain't so!!  I'm not claiming we have anything near what New England has but still.....aren't they pretty?  And I don't think we've hit our 'peak' yet. 

I've been doing a small bit of cutting/sewing but nothing I want to show yet.  I've mostly been busy "supervising" my handyman (who needs absolutely NO supervision whatsoever as his work is perfection).  He's been putting up some stockade fencing of late and tomorrow----I GET MY GRANITE!!!  I can't WAIT!! YIPPEE!!  Need to take before and after photos.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's been a LONG time since I remember actually sewing anything.  Probably not as long as I remember but pretty sure it's been quite awhile.  But I decided I needed to get busy putting some of my ton of scraps into something for donation.  I really like Bonnie Hunter's Dancing 9 patch (I think that's what she calls it) and I'd started her Scrappy Trips quite some time ago with white running thru the center of each block.  So I've been cutting 2 and 2.5" strips for those (or digging them out of the bin).  And I saw a beautiful Pineapple Blossom also patterned by Bonnie on another blog made in Christmas colors and LOVED that idea so have been cutting pieces and parts for one of those as well.

But the one thing I DID do today was try out a technique I saw over on Paulette's blog that looked interesting.  That's a TERRIBLE picture and the color  isn't right but at least you can kinda see the design, can't you?!  I've been cutting 11" squares to be used in these blocks as I cut the above pieces for the other projects.  Paulette's is all pretty in blues and tans but mine's just gonna be totally scrappy doo!  I'll try to do mostly brights and most likely will go to the women's shelter.  I like this technique as the finished block looks like it would be much harder than it was.  And I ALWAYS like things you can trim down.

Still in the middle of various and sundry remodeling projects.  Went and picked out granite today so we'll see how long that'll take.  Picked out carpet and bathroom flooring but need to get everything measured so that can be ordered.  And tomorrow have 3 peeps coming to give me estimates on replacement windows.  $$$$$ is all I see when I dream and those $$$$$ are flying out of my bank account!!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

And just a few more

Found a few more so will post them and hopefully some will go--

 Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! 2nd edition $10 + ship OBO
 Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! '88 ed. $10 + ship OBO (Amazon has used $25)
 Magic Base Blocks by Patty Barney $2 + ship OBO
 Plaids & Stripes by Roberta Horton $2 + ship OBO

 Show Me How to Paper Piece by Carol Doak $2 + ship OBO
 Country Medallion Sampler by Carol Doak $2 + ship OBO
 The Quilter's Kitchen by Darlene Zimmerman $2 + ship OBO (looks like some yummy recipes in there as well)

 Fancy Things by Barbara Brandeburg $2 + ship OBO ($20 collectible on Amazon--no clue)
 Romance with Quilts by Paula Vaughn $3 + ship OBO ($55 collectible on Amazon!!!  who knows)
 Woodland Christmas by Debbie Mumm $3 + ship OBO
 Sunbonnet Sue Primer $2 + ship OBO
 All Things Bright & Beautiful #1 by Jennifer Lokey $2 + ship OBO
Words of Love & Wisdom by Cindy Taylor Oates $2 + ship OBO ($9.97 collectible on Amazon--?)

more for SewCalGal's Autumn De-Stash

A few more books for the de-stash sale --

 Quick Country Quilting by Debbie Mumm $1 + ship OBO
 Pillow Talk by Nancy Halvorsen $3 + ship OBO

 Thimbleberries Book of Quilts $2 + ship OBO
 Cherry Preserves by Teri Christopherson $5 + ship OBO ($10 on Amazon!)
 Heirloom Mach. Quilting by Harriet Hargrave (spiral) $1 (Amazon has collectible at $11.95 but I don't know how to tell if it's collectible)

 Houses, Cottages and Cabins by Nancy Martin $2 + ship OBO
 Quilters Ultimate Visual Guide by Ellen Pahl (hard) $1 + ship OBO
 Crazy but Pieceable by Hollie Milne $1 + ship OBO
 By the Front Door by Joined at the Hip $6 + ship (Amazon shows $15 for collectible but again no clue how to tell)

 Quiltsmart's Rob Pete by Kathleen Mullendore (includes small piece of Quiltsmart fab) $1 + ship OBO
Scraps to You, Too by Debbie Caffrey $4 + ship OBO

Of course, I will combine if you purchase more than one book for cheaper shipping!  Thanks!!

SewCalGal's Autumn De-Stash sale

I am participating in SewCalGal's "Autumn De-Stash Sale" by listing several books for sale.  I plan on donating 100% of the proceeds (excluding what I pay for shipping out items sold) to her 4 charities.  In the process of moving, I've gone through many of my books and taken them to my LQS and just asked the owner to sell and donate whatever she's able to get to her church's charities.  I don't want to overload her (she allows her customers to sell things they don't want/need anymore in her shop for a small %) with books so thought I'd try this route instead.  If it doesn't work, I'll donate to a local library or something.

I've checked these on Amazon to see what they're going for there.  I think many of them will show some images from inside these books.  If not and you want more info, please let me know and I'll snap an extra couple of photos.  These are all in pretty good shape as they've mostly been sitting on my bookshelf unused.

 Bargello Quilts by Marge Edie  $2 plus shipping (OBO)

 Rotary Riot from That Patchwork Place $2 plus shipping (OBO)
 Rotary Magic (hard cover) by Nancy Johnson-Srebro $3 + ship (OBO)
 Scrap Quilts by Judy Martin $2 + ship (OBO)

 Scrap Quilting from House of White Birches (hard cover) $1 + ship OBO
 Iron On Transfers for Quilt Labels (none used) $1 + ship OBO

 Toppers from Possibilities $1 + ship OBO
 Photo Memories in Fabric from Possibilities $1 + ship OBO
 Fan Quilt Favorites from Oxmoor House $1 + ship OBO
 Row by Row Quilts by The Corny Bunch $2 + ship OBO
(includes a few corny jokes and corny recipes!!)
From Basics to Binding by Karen K Buckley $4 + ship OBO

These will all be shipped media mail and I will only charge you what the postage costs me.  If you're interested and want to make an offer, let me know!!  Thanks!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Met family for dinner this evening in celebration of my DGD's 17th birthday.  Quite the bittersweet occasion since her birthday is the 11th and Frank's was the 12th.  I've had very little contact with my older son and DGD since Frank's passing.  Guess my importance level fell substantially after Frank's death and that has been very difficult for me to understand.  The rift in the relationship in addition to the loss of my spouse/friend/companion has made the past 14 mo. extremely depressing.  I hesitated about going and now afterwards am not sure I should have gone as it just reinforced to me how unimportant I am in their lives and how my son's girlfriend's parents have basically taken mine and Frank's place in their lives.  Makes me so very sad.

After dinner, a little excitement..this is Grapevine Mills Mall and we were supposed to have dinner over there but the line was too long and my son had not made reservations.  When I left the restaurant where we did wind up eating, I saw this and thought it was the first restaurant but it was actually apts. behind the mall.  Almost 2 hrs. later and the news says it's 5 alarm and still burning out of control.  Fortunately most of the bldgs. were still under construction and not occupied.  But these flames were absolutely massive.

Please pray for my family if you feel so inclined.  Thanks.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Tomorrow would've been my dear hubby's 68th birthday.  I still miss him so much (he passed away 14 mo. ago today)---

 This was the last birthday (66) that he got to celebrate with his sweet little granddaughter (whose birthday is today!!).
 This was taken 7/25/11 the evening before his first surgery when all the 'boys' in the family had their heads shaved in solidarity.
Frank celebrating the end of radiation and his birthday (Oct. 2011)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My son is a federal employee and is, therefore, one of the many affected by the shutdown.  So, while he had a day (or two or MORE), we decided to take a quick run down to Fredericksburg.  We figured it was close enough that if things moved quickly, we could make it home the same day.  But that  didn't happen so we stayed over a night.  Wished I'd planned on another but my niece is having surgery in the morning (prayers would be appreciated) and I volunteered to keep the rugrats so their dad and grandma could be at the hospital.  The oldest one thinks in terms of my DH's surgeries and is somewhat fearful his mom will meet the same fate.  So I'll also try to keep them occupied and their minds off their mom for a bit.

Meantime, thought I'd share a couple of my poor quality cell phone photos (my danged camera battery was DEAD when I tried to take the first photo--can you say AGGRAVATING?!!).  Just try to imagine what they could have been like with my camera..ARGH!!

 I just thought this was SO CUTE--whoever would've thought of putting cacti in the bed of a really old pickup?
 I admit I'm a bit sick but my first thought was 'where dead oatmeal goes'.....
 CLOSED due to government shutdown..HOW STUPID!!
 This one is rather non-descript but we were waiting for bats to come swirling up out of the cave there in the middle of all those trees.
And just a pretty (would've been SO much better with my camera) flowers by barbed wire photo.