Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My son is a federal employee and is, therefore, one of the many affected by the shutdown.  So, while he had a day (or two or MORE), we decided to take a quick run down to Fredericksburg.  We figured it was close enough that if things moved quickly, we could make it home the same day.  But that  didn't happen so we stayed over a night.  Wished I'd planned on another but my niece is having surgery in the morning (prayers would be appreciated) and I volunteered to keep the rugrats so their dad and grandma could be at the hospital.  The oldest one thinks in terms of my DH's surgeries and is somewhat fearful his mom will meet the same fate.  So I'll also try to keep them occupied and their minds off their mom for a bit.

Meantime, thought I'd share a couple of my poor quality cell phone photos (my danged camera battery was DEAD when I tried to take the first photo--can you say AGGRAVATING?!!).  Just try to imagine what they could have been like with my camera..ARGH!!

 I just thought this was SO CUTE--whoever would've thought of putting cacti in the bed of a really old pickup?
 I admit I'm a bit sick but my first thought was 'where dead oatmeal goes'.....
 CLOSED due to government shutdown..HOW STUPID!!
 This one is rather non-descript but we were waiting for bats to come swirling up out of the cave there in the middle of all those trees.
And just a pretty (would've been SO much better with my camera) flowers by barbed wire photo.

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JoAnne said...

Did you see any fall color on your trip? I'm hoping to see some in NC at the end of this month.