Monday, October 14, 2013

SewCalGal's Autumn De-Stash sale

I am participating in SewCalGal's "Autumn De-Stash Sale" by listing several books for sale.  I plan on donating 100% of the proceeds (excluding what I pay for shipping out items sold) to her 4 charities.  In the process of moving, I've gone through many of my books and taken them to my LQS and just asked the owner to sell and donate whatever she's able to get to her church's charities.  I don't want to overload her (she allows her customers to sell things they don't want/need anymore in her shop for a small %) with books so thought I'd try this route instead.  If it doesn't work, I'll donate to a local library or something.

I've checked these on Amazon to see what they're going for there.  I think many of them will show some images from inside these books.  If not and you want more info, please let me know and I'll snap an extra couple of photos.  These are all in pretty good shape as they've mostly been sitting on my bookshelf unused.

 Bargello Quilts by Marge Edie  $2 plus shipping (OBO)

 Rotary Riot from That Patchwork Place $2 plus shipping (OBO)
 Rotary Magic (hard cover) by Nancy Johnson-Srebro $3 + ship (OBO)
 Scrap Quilts by Judy Martin $2 + ship (OBO)

 Scrap Quilting from House of White Birches (hard cover) $1 + ship OBO
 Iron On Transfers for Quilt Labels (none used) $1 + ship OBO

 Toppers from Possibilities $1 + ship OBO
 Photo Memories in Fabric from Possibilities $1 + ship OBO
 Fan Quilt Favorites from Oxmoor House $1 + ship OBO
 Row by Row Quilts by The Corny Bunch $2 + ship OBO
(includes a few corny jokes and corny recipes!!)
From Basics to Binding by Karen K Buckley $4 + ship OBO

These will all be shipped media mail and I will only charge you what the postage costs me.  If you're interested and want to make an offer, let me know!!  Thanks!!


Monica said...

I'll gladly the scap quilts book by Judy Martin off your hands. Just shoot me an email of what I owe you and where to send the money.

Debra Lee said...
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