Friday, October 11, 2013

Tomorrow would've been my dear hubby's 68th birthday.  I still miss him so much (he passed away 14 mo. ago today)---

 This was the last birthday (66) that he got to celebrate with his sweet little granddaughter (whose birthday is today!!).
 This was taken 7/25/11 the evening before his first surgery when all the 'boys' in the family had their heads shaved in solidarity.
Frank celebrating the end of radiation and his birthday (Oct. 2011)


StitchinByTheLake said...

Sherrill I know you have some wonderful memories to treasure, like this one with your granddaughters shared birthday. But I also know some days are very hard. My thoughts are with you today. Blessings, marlene

JoAnne said...

Thinking of you today and remembering all the wonderful things you told me about Frank since I did not know him well. Hope you can celebrate those memories today. luvya!

Betty Lou said...

A painful day, I am sure, but I hope that the loving memories of your hubby will get you through the tough times. I think he would be proud of you during this time. Hugs