Sunday, November 17, 2013

MAN, yesterday and today were absolutely BEAUTIFUL days!  After a really early cold snap last week and a couple of nights in the upper twenties, today was at least 85 (by my car's thermometer anyway).   So needless to say instead of staying inside getting stuff put away, I was outside messin' around.  Still lots of gorgeous foliage around though it's really difficult to get the full impact given these lousy pictures taken with my cell phone (can't WAIT til that Sony camera arrives so the real picture taking can begin).



And then I noticed a small flock of Canadian geese by a little pond so naturally had to take another crummy photo with the cell phone; my presence didn't seem to bother them too much--


JoAnne said...

Beautiful! What do you mean - crummy photos? Look great to me!

StitchinByTheLake said...

After three days of rain we finally got a pretty afternoon yesterday and today promises to be gorgeous as well. I'm so glad since I have to drive to Little Rock today - about an hour for me - to look for a new computer. I hate driving in the rain! blessings, marlene