Tuesday, December 31, 2013

As we are jettisoned into 2014, I've been noticing on many blogs around the blogisphere that quilters are reviewing what they've accomplished over this past year.  I was thinking I'd done basically NO sewing at all this year but in looking over my 2013 posts, I actually got a few things done!!  Surprise, surprise!!  It appears I quit quilting altogether around June, probably sensing that I really needed to get my rear in gear if I actually thought I'd be able to buy a house, sell a house and get all the stuff transferred from one house to the other!!  So that got done but I've been having SO much work done around here, trying to get some stuff in it's place and clearing the garage enough that I could get my car in there (though not before the first ice storm of course..duh!).  But I did finally get the car in..YAY!

I've been going through the gazillion books, magazines and patterns trying to ditch the things I know I'll never do and trying to pick a couple I really would like to start on in the new year.  I have managed to cull some things so that's good.  Probably should cull a lot more!!

I'm supposed to go bowling with the family tonight.  They've been doing that for a few years now but I've never joined them.  Frank and I always preferred staying in for New Year's mostly because of all the crazies out there on the road.  We'll see if I make it since they don't even start bowling til 10.   And then my sister and I, along with all the family, will celebrate our birthdays tomorrow (hers is tomorrow and mine's the 4th) eating at our favorite fried chicken place, Babe's!!

Hope you all have a fantastic, healthy & happy New Year!!

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