Sunday, December 8, 2013


OK, this is getting ridiculous!!  We've not been above freezing for 3 solid days and our ice pack on streets and sidewalks is crazy!  I know lots of you around the country are saying 'oh boo hoo, we put up with that for a good part of winter!'.  But we DON'T..we aren 't used to it nor do we have the tools and equipment to deal with it like you guys.  So bear with us while we whine and moan! LOL  But there IS a glimmer of hope today--for FOUR hours,  it's supposed to get above freezing.  Of course, just long enough to do a little melting then it will refreeze again this evening making tomorrow's rush hour pure JOY!  HA  Sure glad I don't have to be out there with all the nuts.

 This was such a pretty 'foggy' moon a couple of nights ago.  Wish I'd been able to capture it a little better but man was it gorgeous!
I'm wondering if the tail over the back helps to keep this little fellow warm.  He sat there like a statue for the longest time.  No clue what he was doing but he sure was cute!

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Carrie P. said...

the moon photo is great!