Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy December

Once again, we're having fabulous weather but that will change (again and UNFORTUNATELY) at the end of the week.  A couple of nights ago, the sunset was so pretty and the clouds were awesome.

And I had some cute little birds at the feeder--I don't think we have black-capped so I think this is a Carolina chickadee and then the titmouse turned his/her head just as I snapped the photo. 



StitchinByTheLake said...

We're going to have a nice couple of days before the rain hits again. A local botanical garden hosts thousands and thousands of Christmas lights every year so we're planning to visit tomorrow night while the temperature is above freezing! blessings, marlene

Betty Lou said...

I guess that is why we live in Texas, you never know what you will wake up to.. At least we don't have boring weather like Hawaii! lol

Sue Daurio said...

Wow what an incredible sunset!