Friday, January 24, 2014

Must quit for the day

I'm having 'the girls' over in about a week and a half and the house desperately needs work.  Still a TON of stuff to put away and I did tell one gal there might be a couple of doors closed (which obviously means no peeking!).  But my plan has been to spend an hour or so putting stuff away and so far I've done pretty good about sticking with the plan.  Today I've spent most of the day cutting and sewing and I'm leaving for the movies in just over an hour (Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit), so better get it in gear.  Here's what I've accomplished--

I've flipped and flopped this a couple of times and still can't get all the reds together.  Will hafta work with it a little more but if not, it'll be reds and greens together!  UGH
And can you see I've got a wee bit of embellishment on a couple of the blocks (not sewn on yet, of course, but hey, it's made and pinned on in preparation for stitching).  I have 3 more houses cut and ready to sew so only 3 more to cut.  YIPPEE!

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