Friday, February 28, 2014

3 MORE letters

Got three more done--so far I haven't won any of the giveaways :-( but that's OK.  I don't usually anyway!!  Do you see the "F" with fish on it?  Aren't I clever (not)?!!  These are so quick don't know why I'm only getting like 3 done a day.  Although methinks I will be getting more done first of the week as we're going to have a WHIPLASH drop in temps around here.  84 today and probably about the same tomorrow.  Then early Sunday, it's supposed to plummet from 50 around 7am to freezing in the afternoon.  I HATE that!!!  And we may even wind up with some kind of freezing precip.  GROSS!

I took my two nephews (the rugrats) out to a beautiful local park, River Legacy.  We were looking for birds, bobcats, foxes, armadillos, etc.  The only thing we saw were birds and one huge turtle.  But it was absolutely beautiful today and tomorrow will be another fantabulous day!  Then it gets cold again--YUCK!  I hate this teasing!!



Thursday, February 27, 2014

3 more letters

Had a hair appt. this morning and was able to squeeze out three more letters before meeting my son for dinner.  Not sure how much I'll accomplish tomorrow as it's supposed to be a GORGEOUS day and I volunteered to take the rugrats to River Legacy Park.  Next week, we're supposed to have some more yucky days so I'll probably stay in out of the chill.

Tomorrow's the layout reveal and announcing of prize winners so excited for layout but won't hold my breath for winner announcement.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Got a couple more of the alphabet blocks finished (that green "G" almost gets lost in the busy background..not sure if it'll stay or not) and the "B" is in process as I'm appliqueing the cute little bunny like the designer did.  Also would like to get the "R" done later today after my eye exam.

These pansy blocks are yet another UFO I've uncovered while continue to unpack more stuff!!  UGH!  No idea when these were started and over half the blocks are already blanket stitched.  However I no longer have a machine that does a pretty blanket stitch so may hafta think on how I'm going to finish these off.  Would make another nice donation quilt, right?  The pattern is from an OLD Fons and Porter magazine.  There's a total of 20 blocks, 12 are finished.

Monday, February 24, 2014

New stuff

The first picture shows two blocks I've made from patterns provided by Moda in their currently ongoing blog hop called something like "Spell it with Fabric".  They're featuring their designers and assigning each of them a letter.  They ask each designer several questions and a few of the designers are doing different projects, etc. featuring the letter block or their new line of fabric.  It's been a nice little hop and continues to the end of the week.  There's supposed to be a strip of fabric (background) on the right and bottom sides of each block but I'm going to wait to see the final layout to see where I wanna go with that.
The second photo is of 6 blocks that I've assembled from the scads that were already cut in that box I brought home from the church quilt group the other day.  Some are using civil war fabric and some are red, white and blue.  They will, of course, be assembled according to their fabric types eventually and someone will get a beautiful quilt!!


It just absolutely BOGGLES my mind how many things I've started and, for whatever reason, never finished.  I'm continuing to go through the bags and boxes of stuff I moved to the new house and just dumped in the garage.  I'd really like to get all of the boxes emptied out (there are a few things I'm looking for specifically but have yet to find :-( ) and as I drag stuff into the house I'm thinking to myself  'where the HECK am I going to put all this stuff?!!'.  Remember this as you buy and buy and buy with no real plan as to what you're going to do with it.  There's a good reason to have SOME stash but I know there are a lot of you out there like me who've just bought because you liked it or because it was on sale or some other 'good' reason.  I do NOT want to leave all this crap for my kids to have to deal with someday (hopefully not in the real near future) as I'm sure they'll be thinking 'she really was the nut job I thought she was'.  Here are just a FEW of the started projects--




I really still like all of these little bit and pieces of projects started long ago (must be LONG ago cause I don't remember starting any of them--YIKES!) and the first one, the economy block, is large enough that I don't think it would take much to make it into something large enough for a donation quilt.  The string star piece I think I'll put another border on and just make it into a table topper.  There are two sets of house blocks as you can see, one of which is joined together and the other still needs to be.  That one MIGHT be able to be made into a baby quilt.  And those cute little bowties are the 3D variety.  Haven't done those in awhile so will have to look for directions and see about making some more of them for a baby quilt as well.  Guess that would count for finishing up some UFO's, huh?  The other two will hafta wait awhile.  I'm really skeerd about what else I will uncover as I dig through more bags and boxes!!
Later I'll take a few pix of what I've been currently working on..just more a little of this and a little of that.  Brought a box home from the church group the other day that had a bunch of pieces I'd cut long ago for the HOB-style blocks and put a few of them together but they're not trimmed yet.  Also brought home the blocks for a rag quilt.  The projects continue to mount--UGH!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pink scrappy challenge plus

Just sharing a few more of my pink scrappy challenge blocks.  Liked the idea of the bowties and they're pretty adaptable size-wise (I'm making all my scrappy challenge blocks 8") so they fit in well.  Got one pink star and have parts for one more in brighter pinks.  Just need to get the 1/2 sq. tri's made.  And one more scrappys trips block (dang, I really need to get busy digging for all that I did in the past).

Friday, February 21, 2014

Busy day

Today was a busy, long day.  It started with the old guild's quilt show which was small but nice.  I've gotten to the point where it takes a really special quilt to impress in the local shows I guess because I've been to the Intl' Quilt Show in Houston so many times and the quilts there are just off the chart!   I did take a few photos which I will share with you. 





Makers of the above are Loretta Brennan, Roberta Snedden, Sunisa Cote, Rachel Cowley (4th & 5th), my bud JoAnne who won 2nd place with her beautiful mini, Jane Weil and Sheri Jones.  Rachel's log cabin was itty bitty, too!  Takes someone very patient to do that itty bitty stuff.

Then I had to make a run up to OK for my sodas and while on the way I stopped and did a bit of geocaching.  It was nice but WINDY!  So I'm stocked up for awhile again!  HA

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Quilt Doodle Cozy Cabin

I finally finished my Feb. BOM from Cindy's Quilt Doodles blog.  Uhhh, I thought I did a relatively decent job of pressing it but obviously not!!  She did hers with a snowy sky and snow on the ground but since we practically NEVER get snow in October here in TX (and if I'm correct this will go in the October 'spot' in the layout), I used a starry sky and grass fabric.  I didn't use a totally scrappy layout like she did (I am a lazy butt for cryin' out loud) but the log cabin is scrappy so it's all good.

I'll be headin' out in  the am for quilting at church.  I think our goal is to complete multiple baby rag quilts.  Then on Fri., my old guild's show opens for two days so I'll be excited to see all the beautiful quilts (I think JoAnne said 100 quilts) and maybe do a little shopping at the boutique.

Monday, February 17, 2014

I know some of you will yawn and ho-hum this post but I am super excited.  I have a GOLDFINCH on my thistle bag!!  I have tried a very long time (was in the old house 10 years) to attract goldfinch but never happened.  I just happened to glance out this morning and a bird was on the bag.  GRABBED the binocs and it was a GOLDFINCH!!  My friend used to get tons of goldfinches on her feeder and if you've never seen a bunch of goldfinches in their bright yellow plumage, you've missed a treat.  So maybe this one will tell his little friends about this great thistle stash he found and they, too, will come for a visit!  Still no sign of any owls interested in renting the owl house.

I LOVE the 3rd Monday of the month as I get to see lots of my girlfriends.  Our church group has a birthday lunch to celebrate with all those having birthdays during the month.  We had 15 today and always have a great time!!  Tonight is bunco and I LOVE bunco!!  We have a nice group of 12 gals who've been playing together forever so always look forward to that (even though I usually don't win a thing!).   Fun, fun day (but nothing quilty accomplished today).

Sunday, February 16, 2014

This n that

Just a little of this, a little of that kind of sewing the past couple of days.  Been trying to do a little of the scrappy challenge kind of sewing and this month the color is pink.  So there are two pink spools and one pink 16 patch (I guess you'd call it) with the white star.  Also did a 2nd green 16 patch (so now there are two of those).  Got two more of the scrappy trips blocks sewn and have 2 or 3 more sets yet to be sewn together.  So making progress on a number of various & sundry projects.

The weather today was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous (sorry for those of you in frostier climes).  It was in the 70's today--even had to lay out and catch a few rays today, soaking in the Vitamin D and trying to erase the pastyness of the skin.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day everybody

 Wanted to find a few beautiful valentine quilts as I have YET to make one.  Just did a quick google and found these 3 I really like.  The log cabin heart looks relatively quick & doable.
 I love this quilt and also really like the way she 'staged' it on the barbed wire fencing with the bare tree in the background.  SO PRETTY!
And this one (or at least one similar) has been on my mind lately.  I was thinking I'd like to make it a nice size to be a table topper, probably on my kitchen table though I also think it would be cute on the dining room table.  I saw one last year I think on Aunt Polly's blog that she made when her son got married.  It was so beautiful in red, black and white.  LOVE!

My dear, sweet financial advisor is having a Valentine luncheon at a tea room tomorrow for his widowed clients.  Isn't that just the sweetest?!  I LOVE him!  And his beautiful, sweet wife, too.  They are so cute.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

Blocks and tomatoes

 After my appt. with the tax man, I ran by the hospital only to see two friends coming out just as I pulled in.  The surgery was way quicker than they had initially thought & it was over by the time I arrived and everything went well!  YAY!  So here are 3 of the 4 scrappy trip blocks sewn together but, obviously, not pressed.  Now I need to find the rest of them and see exactly where I'm at with this project!
I can't remember if I've ever shown pictures of my 'miracle' tomato plant.  I planted this after I moved in here and it was not enough time before the weather turned cold.  So I drug the pot into the garage (no heat, no grow light) and drug it back outside everytime it was warm enough.  Well, the plant thrived and grew and bloomed like crazy.  Little tomatoes began to form.  How wild is that?!!  This one I picked about a week ago and left in the window to ripen.  Now I need to EAT it!!  LOL
 Here's the plant outside today and I think it will be able to stay out over the next several days as the temps will remain in the 40's at night and 60's-70's in the day.  It should be fine if it didn't croak in the garage over the winter.
 The plant is covered in blooms so even more tomatoes should be forming very soon.
There are already several tomatoes in various and sundry stages of growth.  It just absolutely amazes me!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More beauty and distracted sewing

 Sure wish I had a better vantage point from which to take these sunset photos.  That power line and neighbor's roof detract from the beauty but guess I'll make do with what I've got.
And I've been doing a little distracted sewing today.  Not staying the course on my other projects but I had intended to participate in the monthly scrappy challenge and did a few larger blue blocks but they're not trimmed yet.  Made a couple of blue spools and one green with a wonky star in there.  These are both 8" blocks.  I also got 4 sets of strip sets done for my Scrappy Trips quilt and decided I'd pick them apart while watching the Olympics.  Maybe they'll get sewn together tomorrow though I have an appt. with the tax man and will stop by hospital to keep a friend company while her hubby has surgery.  So we'll see.....

Monday, February 10, 2014

I've been working (slowly) on the embellishing of my little houses.  Still have one house to be constructed and 5 that I THOUGHT I was done with the windows and doors.  However, as some of you may know, once you take a picture of a project, you see things in an entirely different light. 

I don't know but to me, the space between the front door and those little windows up high looks too big and looks like there needs to be more there.  In the pattern, some of the houses have a little extra there and some don't.  I'm going to have to let them 'sit a spell' while I look at them before making a decision.  There is some embellishment done on others but not to where I would even think they were done..additions still need to be made.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


 Ya know, it really wasn't even that much and it was the soft, fluffy stuff which led us down the primrose path.  Wasn't supposed to cause problems on the roads, yadda yadda...  But MAN, when I got out this am to go to the doctor and THOUGHT I was leaving myself plenty of time--nuh uh!  Even avoided bridges and overpasses but the road I figured would make my drive so much easier was awful.  Even the slightest little incline was a huge hurdle and the road was backed up for a couple of miles.  UGH, but I made it and the annual checkup is now in the rearview mirror for awhile.

So when I got home, had to snap a couple of pix because even though it was EVIL (LOL) it was still pretty.  And the little birdies are stickin' close to the feeders.  They wanna make sure the vacuum cleaner bird doesn't swoop in and inhale all their food.  Little do they know I have plenty more where that came from!

I'm presently working on the cute little log cabin for the Quilt Doodles BOM.  Stay warm!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

First 'finish'

I've noticed since the first of the year that several quilters have posted finishes where it was just a binding or some other little detail that the quilt required to be finished.  I feel a little guilty posting mine as a finish as all it needed was like 1 1/2 sides of binding that needed hand stitching down to finish it off.  But it IS finished now (as before it was only ALMOST finished) so I'm claiming my first finish of 2014.

This was one of those $5 block a month at the LQS where if you finish and bring in the completed block from the month before, you get the next one free and if you work it right the entire quilt top (sans borders and setting blocks)  only costs you $5.  Pretty good deal if you ask me!!  The gal that quilted this one for me always commented when anyone brought theirs in for show and tell  that the one extra dark block stuck out like a sore thumb.  It never bothered me much but it does stick out in the photo.  I still like it though.

The 2nd BOM of the quilt doodles (the one with the cute snowmen row) posted and it's an adorable log cabin.  I have a feeling this is going to be ONE CUTE QUILT!  I need to get busy building the log cabin so I don't fall behind.  And I have one more house under construction and then finish up the windows and doors and that one will be well on it's way to completion.  I had to put up all my sewing mess for the ladies' visit last night which was a lot of fun.  Now I can get all the junk out again and sew to my heart's content!  YAY


Saturday, February 1, 2014

A day late...

but I had to share this photo my niece sent me of 3 of her cats (she has 4 so no clue how the other one was not involved as well! LOL) in honor of Feline Friday.  The little orange cat is her newest and has some nerve disorder (forget the name) that causes him to just jiggle and wobble constantly.  She had one before with a less severe case of the same disorder and her name was Weeble (cause she wobbled but she didn't fall down--HA) and this one they named Dizzy.  But I call him Mr. Jiggles.  He is so cute and this picture just does NOT look like something he'd do.  That's why it's so funny.


The one looking on is Mr. Magoo--he's blind.  Remember the island for misfit toys in the Christmas show?  My niece's place is like the island for  misfit animals!  She also has a 3-legged German shepherd.