Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Quilt Doodle Cozy Cabin

I finally finished my Feb. BOM from Cindy's Quilt Doodles blog.  Uhhh, I thought I did a relatively decent job of pressing it but obviously not!!  She did hers with a snowy sky and snow on the ground but since we practically NEVER get snow in October here in TX (and if I'm correct this will go in the October 'spot' in the layout), I used a starry sky and grass fabric.  I didn't use a totally scrappy layout like she did (I am a lazy butt for cryin' out loud) but the log cabin is scrappy so it's all good.

I'll be headin' out in  the am for quilting at church.  I think our goal is to complete multiple baby rag quilts.  Then on Fri., my old guild's show opens for two days so I'll be excited to see all the beautiful quilts (I think JoAnne said 100 quilts) and maybe do a little shopping at the boutique.


Doniene said...

Hi Sherrill,

Thank you for your interest about our guild quilt. I have been unable to email you, so I'm answering you here. Yes, the quilt will be mailed to whomever wins it!

I've perused your blog and I enjoyed seeing your projects! Loved the goldfinch, too!!


Cindy said...

Your block turned out very cute! Growing up my family lived in Houston TX. It never snowed. I built my first snowman when I was 7 after we moved to NY. I like how you switched up the snow for grass.