Monday, February 17, 2014

I know some of you will yawn and ho-hum this post but I am super excited.  I have a GOLDFINCH on my thistle bag!!  I have tried a very long time (was in the old house 10 years) to attract goldfinch but never happened.  I just happened to glance out this morning and a bird was on the bag.  GRABBED the binocs and it was a GOLDFINCH!!  My friend used to get tons of goldfinches on her feeder and if you've never seen a bunch of goldfinches in their bright yellow plumage, you've missed a treat.  So maybe this one will tell his little friends about this great thistle stash he found and they, too, will come for a visit!  Still no sign of any owls interested in renting the owl house.

I LOVE the 3rd Monday of the month as I get to see lots of my girlfriends.  Our church group has a birthday lunch to celebrate with all those having birthdays during the month.  We had 15 today and always have a great time!!  Tonight is bunco and I LOVE bunco!!  We have a nice group of 12 gals who've been playing together forever so always look forward to that (even though I usually don't win a thing!).   Fun, fun day (but nothing quilty accomplished today).

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