Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More beauty and distracted sewing

 Sure wish I had a better vantage point from which to take these sunset photos.  That power line and neighbor's roof detract from the beauty but guess I'll make do with what I've got.
And I've been doing a little distracted sewing today.  Not staying the course on my other projects but I had intended to participate in the monthly scrappy challenge and did a few larger blue blocks but they're not trimmed yet.  Made a couple of blue spools and one green with a wonky star in there.  These are both 8" blocks.  I also got 4 sets of strip sets done for my Scrappy Trips quilt and decided I'd pick them apart while watching the Olympics.  Maybe they'll get sewn together tomorrow though I have an appt. with the tax man and will stop by hospital to keep a friend company while her hubby has surgery.  So we'll see.....

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Monica said...

I hope you're staying warm. I hear its been really cold there lately. I sure do miss it. Living in the 80's all the time ain't what its cracked up to be. I miss the seasons changing. :(