Monday, February 24, 2014

New stuff

The first picture shows two blocks I've made from patterns provided by Moda in their currently ongoing blog hop called something like "Spell it with Fabric".  They're featuring their designers and assigning each of them a letter.  They ask each designer several questions and a few of the designers are doing different projects, etc. featuring the letter block or their new line of fabric.  It's been a nice little hop and continues to the end of the week.  There's supposed to be a strip of fabric (background) on the right and bottom sides of each block but I'm going to wait to see the final layout to see where I wanna go with that.
The second photo is of 6 blocks that I've assembled from the scads that were already cut in that box I brought home from the church quilt group the other day.  Some are using civil war fabric and some are red, white and blue.  They will, of course, be assembled according to their fabric types eventually and someone will get a beautiful quilt!!

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Audrey--Quilty Folk said...

Hi! Noticed you stopped by my blog and left a lovely comment but couldn't find your e-mail to respond back. I see you're working on those wonderful bow-ties too.:)