Monday, March 24, 2014

QOV donation blocks

I got the 4 donation blocks for MQX finished and they will go in the mail tomorrow.  If you remember, they had asked each quilter to make two and since I cut for 4, I said I'd make two for some lazy butt quilter!!  LOL  Well, that lazy butt has been identified and her name is JoAnne.  So if you know JoAnne, tell her to quit being such a lazy butt!!  HA  She's really NOT a lazy butt..she spends so much time finishing the UFO's I so generously donated (maybe some would call it ditched)  to our quilt ministry at church that she has very little time for anything else.  HAHA

I've also JUST about finished another rag quilt.  Two more seams then clip, clip, clip and it'll be ready to donate!  I also want to get busy making some more teal blocks for the So Scrappy challenge.

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